Waste Management

Transportation and disposal of all forms of oilfield waste:

  • Types of waste:
    • Drill cuttings (air, water, SOBM)
    • Contaminated soils
    • Tank cleanouts
    • Used muds
    • High NORM wastes
    • Pit and impoundment cleanouts
    • Cellars
  • Equipment:
    • Dump trailers
    • Dump trucks
    • Roll-off trucks
    • Roll-off containers – clam shells, vac boxes and open traps
  • Backyard Services:
    • On-pad solidification of drill cuttings and post-frac waste
    • Equipment
      • Mixing bins
      • Excavators with trained operators
  • Spill response and cleanup:
    • Turn-key analytical testing, disposal approval, clean up, hauling and disposal of spill wastes
  • High NORM and TENORM management:
    • Analytic testing and results within 24 hours
    • Disposal approval in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia
    • High NORM and TENORM disposal facilities in Texas, Idaho, Michigan, Utah, and Wyoming
    • Transportation permitting
    • Trucking